About Crow River Drumline Association


The Crow River Drumline Association (CRDA) was incorporated with the State of Minnesota as a non-profit (501)c3 organization on March 17, 1993.  The CRDA is a member of the Minnesota Percussion Association (MPA) and the Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism.

Members of the CRDA are the parents of the students involved in the Phoenix Drumline.  Daily operation of the CRDA is provided through the parent members.

The CRDA oversees the administration and financial operation of Phoenix Drumline and Phoenix Phlyers through monthly board meetings, parent meetings, organization of fundraising opportunities, and coordination of operational efforts of both organizations. All monies raised by the CRDA go into the operational needs of the Phoenix Drumline and Phoenix Phlyers.  This includes, but is not limited to, hiring instructors for both the summer and winter seasons, obtaining facilities for practices, purchasing and repair of equipment, payment of organizational dues and fees, and other costs associated with the development of the drumline.

The vision for CRDA is to promote the arts using the marching arts, structure, and world class educators. Our mission is to develop and encourage leadership skills, lifelong learning and an awareness of the meaning of community and acceptance. We want to see all members become an example of these three skills to youth in the surrounding communities, nationally and internationally through performance opportunities.

Current Board Members

Jackie Borka

Mindy Clifton
Vice President

Jenny Gertgen

Kelly Brunkhorst

Terry Clabo
Member at Large

Darrel Borka
Phoenix Representative

Ann Engel
Phoenix Phylers Representative