Crow River Drumline Association

If you or your child is interested in joining the Phoenix Drumline for the 2019 season, please submit an inquiry using our contact form. Be sure to include:

  • Your name and the name of the new member

  • The member's age

  • Where the member is from

  • Your email address and phone number

  • Any additional questions or comments you might have.

Someone will contact you to give you more information.

Why Join Phoenix Drumline or Phoenix Phlyers?

  • Students form a strong bond with one another

  • Great preparation for College Marching Band, Drum Corps International, and/or Indoor Winter Drumline groups

  • Opportunity to compete in the WGI World Championship Competition in Dayton, OH

  • High quality musical percussion education

  • Highly qualified staff

  • Competitive performing arts environment

  • Students learn discipline, hard work, and accountability

  • Students learn proper marching and movement technique

  • Students embody moods as they perform


Member Testimonials

"The positive environment that comes from this organization is enough to keep me marching. After every single rehearsal I leave feeling like I've accomplished something with my best friends, and that is by far the most rewarding thing that Phoenix has offered me."

- Tatum, Phoenix Drumline Member

"Phoenix Drumline can act as a stepping stone to a marching career in college. Without Phoenix, I probably wouldn't have had the courage to move on to anything and I would've stopped at the end of high school, but now I want to continue marching for the rest of my life. Phoenix is the perfect stepping stone to the future."

-Bradee, Phoenix Drumline Member


"Being a member of Phoenix has taught our kids leadership, teamwork, respect, discipline and so much more. It has taught them not only to be a better percussionist, but a better person as well."

- Richie, Phoenix Drumline Dad

"We have seen our children grow and become musically inclined with several percussion instruments. They have learned dedication, responsibility, teamwork, and have formed many close bonds and friendships."

-Carla, Phoenix Drumline Mom


"Being a member of Phoenix has taught my child teamwork, dedication, respect, hardwork, community, relationships and the importance of those traits. The passion, drive, stamina, talent and compassion these kids have is indescribable. From practice to competition, from performing to volunteering, from fundraising to sharing they each are giving 110%."

-Shannon, Phoenix Drumline Mom

"While marching you develop relationships with other members of the line. These relationships grow and last for many years. It also helps the member to grow as a person, develop character and learn to never be satisfied with what is—to always strive to get better, and never stop.

-Ben, Phoenix Drumline Member