The inspiration for creating a drumline that specifically caters to students and young adults with special needs came from the inaugural trip for Phoenix Drumline to the Winter Guard International World Championships Dayton, OH in April 2016.  It is there that the FREE Players Drum Corps from New York performed, sparking interest with the instructors and parents of the Crow River Drumline Association.  After much discussion and forethought by the CRDA Board and Phoenix Drumline staff, it was brought before the parent group at their parent meeting in December 2016.  It was then, that the parents formally voted to create the Phoenix Phlyers.  The parents and instructors shown below are responsible for the creation of this incredible group.

Founding Members

CRDA Board of Directors 2016-2017:  President Richie Kuttner, Vice-President Jenny Gertgen, Treasurer Shannon Brice, Secretary Elizabeth Slepica and Member-at-Large Darrel Borka

Phoenix Drumline Instructional Staff:  TJ Larum, Andy Larum, Sheldon Peterson, Lindsey Beyer, Mike Palmer, Sam Larum and Terry Lillis

CRDA Parent Members:  Angie Kuttner, Robin Farnes, Mark Wodarczyk, Jackie Borka, John Brunkhorst, Rochelle Fernkes, Troy Engel, Ann Engel, Andy Hermodson-Olsen, Jim Lyons, Amanda Aguilar, Becky Clabo, Craig Schmeling, Megan Schmeling

Founding Phlyers.jpg